It Was Time.

A new chapter, a new blog.

Muslins are finished for junior year sportswear and knits, now on to the heart attack of cutting into expensive fabrics, and putting together the final product.

My outlandish dream of having my own runway show is looking more and more ridiculous.  There are issues with doing it at school like I wanted, because I can’t get enough people to participate with me.  My new plan is the art gallery in my hometown.  We’ll see.  On a lazier note, I can’t get enough of blogging right now.  The fashion meme tumblr I started yesterday is already more successful than my personal tumblr.

Next thing is to organize the old bedroom, so I can fit my new computer in it!  I… just have too many things for a 10×12′ space.  I won’t pretend that 98% of it isn’t clothes.  I think that ideally, if I were to consolidate my wardrobe, I would have nothing but oversized white t-shirts, black leggings and dark wash jeans.  I love beautiful clothes, but I’ve always believed that true style is shining in something simple.


One thought on “It Was Time.

  1. Amanda says:

    Your idea of your own runway show is not ridiculous! Never think that, and never give up on it. I saw your Kickstarter campaign and thought it was a really good idea. Even if it doesn’t work out, then still don’t give up on your idea. I always believe in starting small… you might start with a smaller show, where you wont need as much money or as many people.
    I say all this from experience, I am putting on my first christian dance production. And though, like you, I dreamed of this big grand production, I know for the first one I need to start small. I only have two dancers and am doing all the work myself and out of my own pocket.
    Once you get the people to come to your smaller one, that starts your fan base and then you can do another kickstarter for a bigger one.

    anyway, just my two cents, because I have a passion for people who are actively trying to reach their goals. I know its hard, but all things are possible.

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