Still jobless.

I’m making a dress for my friend Katharina Knoll for graduation to kick off my summer, and I’m off to North Carolina for a blues festival with the girls soon!  It’s refreshing to be able to do what I want with my time.

I spent the morning with my Colin at Maymont.  Nothing starts my day better than cool grass on my back and bird songs in the air.  I expressed my fear of being broke and struggling forever, but he assured me that we’re in this (life thing) together, despite both being artistic, anti-cubicle souls.  I have faith that we’ll be able to have what we want for ourselves, eventually, and that we’ll do it as a team.  At least, with all other things uncertain, I have that reality to look forward to.

I’ve taken to meditating recently.  It helps me fall asleep at night, and it’s incredibly satisfying when done in the shower.  I am a person who is never not thinking, and to clear my mind for a moment is much needed quiet.  I have also introduced myself to the basic forms of tai chi, through the wonders of Youtube.

I am not a Buddhist.  I don’t think.  I am not anything.  But them’s some dang smart people.  There’s something vastly intellectual and approachable about a man who finds enlightenment within his own mind.  Western religions are to math as Buddhism is to art: there is no right answer, and I like that.  Their practices speak to me, and though I could never sell myself to one religion, integrating certain aspects into my life have helped me relax, and stay Jess.

…Where did that come from?  Sleep noww.

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