Word From Israel.

Jess 2:46 pm
hey Colin
 Colin 2:46 pm
 Jess 2:46 pm
 Colin 2:46 pm
I will.
 Jess 2:47 pm
I need you.
    I’m like a sock without the other sock.
 Colin 2:48 pm
    oh no!
 Jess 2:48 pm
  I know!
    how can life keeping running without both it’s socks?!
 Colin 2:50 pm
you’re the microwave to my hotpocket.
 Jess 2:50 pm

It’s hard to believe that I’m packing for my last college semester.

I’m graduating with a BFA in December, celebrating my fourth year with Colin in January, turning 23 in February, and anticipating my first fashion show and line launch in July.  Good God.

Won’t be long before I’m an old poop like this: Hopefully I’m half as cool as Henry Fonda.


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