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Print Samples




This is the first print test of Colin’s photographs onto linen!  I am so excited.  These are pre rinse, so they may change a bit once I wash them.  Too bad this stuff is $20/yd to print… I want to make designs out of all his work now!  Buffalo on a mini skirt?  Yesss.


Word From Israel.

Jess 2:46 pm
hey Colin
 Colin 2:46 pm
 Jess 2:46 pm
 Colin 2:46 pm
I will.
 Jess 2:47 pm
I need you.
    I’m like a sock without the other sock.
 Colin 2:48 pm
    oh no!
 Jess 2:48 pm
  I know!
    how can life keeping running without both it’s socks?!
 Colin 2:50 pm
you’re the microwave to my hotpocket.
 Jess 2:50 pm

It’s hard to believe that I’m packing for my last college semester.

I’m graduating with a BFA in December, celebrating my fourth year with Colin in January, turning 23 in February, and anticipating my first fashion show and line launch in July.  Good God.

Won’t be long before I’m an old poop like this: Hopefully I’m half as cool as Henry Fonda.

Thank You, Mood!

My swatches came in!  They are just what I was hoping for, and I finally have the fabrics I want for my collection!  I’ve been through so many swatch orders out of my own pocket for this project, so I’m thrilled to have found just what I was looking for.  Sketches soon!


Sorting and color matching.

This is what I ended up with for spring and winter. What do you think? These will probably get narrowed down once I know exactly what I'm making.


A Logo For A Beautiful Cause.

This is a logo I designed for a family that is very dear to my heart, for the Livestrong Challenge, a bike ride that raises money for cancer.

We’ve all been affected by cancer, myself included, so if you’d like to lend a hand, please check out Steve Lewis’ Livestrong page here.

(I got a little teary eyed and my dog came over to comfort me.  Aww, precious baby.)

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An Update And A Thank You.


A very special thank you to 

James and Jeannie Timmons
Karen Matthews
Nancy Matthews
Colin Matthews
John Lee
Lorie Lewis
Steve Lewis
Preston Jackson
Julia Barge
Betsy Appleby
Connie Kauffman
Diana Bain
Robyn Trump
Sam Nagy
Barbara Cafferky
Elizabeth Hurst
Allison Shields
Emily Beauregard
Jackie Josten
Paul and Chin-Tzu 
Annie H
Max McGee


For supporting me and my work.  I literally couldn’t do it without you!

I spent a very long time this summer creating a new blog on a different blog host, learning to read CSS and making it gorgeous… and then decided I didn’t like it.  Soo I’m back on WordPress for now.  I’ve always had cold feet with blogs, but I keep coming back to this one, so that’s a good sign right?

So this summer I’ve really been trying to make sure that all elements of the show are ironed out so all I have to worry about after I graduate in december is sewing, sewing, sewing.  I’m having a surprising amount of trouble with the venue, but I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to get in contact with the Workhouse soon and work things out.  I have placed a huge order of swatches from Mood, thanks to my lovely backers.  I think there’s something like 37 swatches, which might be insane, but you never know what these fabrics are actually going to look like.  They should be on their way, and I’m very excited!  My clothes are inspired by my love of nature and the man in my life, so I thought it very appropriate to base my color story on photographs from Nightfell.  Pretty close, right?

So which prints do you like?

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Hear Me Roar.

Me, always.

Successful day at the studio yesterday!  Things are starting to come together nicely.  I’ve definitely gained experience, and though I lost confidence with my Kickstarter project for a while, I’m feeling better while making flyers for it to put up around social hubs of the Richmond fan area.  It would be such a grand opportunity for me, and I’m really excited about the possibilities.  In the mean time though, I’ll continue to create out of pocket, with whatever I can find.

I don’t think people realize that fabric is a very testy material to work with.  It needs to be learned, babied, fed, loved.  Ok maybe not fed.  At any rate, I’m definitely beginning to hone my craft.  It was awesome to be able to come home from the studio at 5pm and feel completely accomplished and happy with what I made.  I’m sure it’ll be right back to 2am once classes start up again.

I will close this entry with the best head of hair this side of anything.

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Still jobless.

I’m making a dress for my friend Katharina Knoll for graduation to kick off my summer, and I’m off to North Carolina for a blues festival with the girls soon!  It’s refreshing to be able to do what I want with my time.

I spent the morning with my Colin at Maymont.  Nothing starts my day better than cool grass on my back and bird songs in the air.  I expressed my fear of being broke and struggling forever, but he assured me that we’re in this (life thing) together, despite both being artistic, anti-cubicle souls.  I have faith that we’ll be able to have what we want for ourselves, eventually, and that we’ll do it as a team.  At least, with all other things uncertain, I have that reality to look forward to.

I’ve taken to meditating recently.  It helps me fall asleep at night, and it’s incredibly satisfying when done in the shower.  I am a person who is never not thinking, and to clear my mind for a moment is much needed quiet.  I have also introduced myself to the basic forms of tai chi, through the wonders of Youtube.

I am not a Buddhist.  I don’t think.  I am not anything.  But them’s some dang smart people.  There’s something vastly intellectual and approachable about a man who finds enlightenment within his own mind.  Western religions are to math as Buddhism is to art: there is no right answer, and I like that.  Their practices speak to me, and though I could never sell myself to one religion, integrating certain aspects into my life have helped me relax, and stay Jess.

…Where did that come from?  Sleep noww.

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