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Eco-centric, 2011

Illustration and technical back flats to be sent to the critic for my eco-friendly design class this semester.  Top and jacket are an organic silk/hemp blend charmeuse, shorts are an organic hemp/flax herringbone.  Fabric sourcing from  Really excited to make these.

Oops, all of my fashion figures look like mine and Colin's young adult daughter.

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First Resort Critique

Resort 2011


Ahh!  So excited right now.

I get to design prints for my resortwear studio this year, and I’ve just filled my drawing with Colin’s photographs from Nightfell.  Just about fell out of my chair.

Soo tired, soo happy!


Don’t know about the sleeve color yet, just threw it on, but HOW COOL IS THAT?!

A Logo For A Beautiful Cause.

This is a logo I designed for a family that is very dear to my heart, for the Livestrong Challenge, a bike ride that raises money for cancer.

We’ve all been affected by cancer, myself included, so if you’d like to lend a hand, please check out Steve Lewis’ Livestrong page here.

(I got a little teary eyed and my dog came over to comfort me.  Aww, precious baby.)

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Hear Me Roar.

Me, always.

Successful day at the studio yesterday!  Things are starting to come together nicely.  I’ve definitely gained experience, and though I lost confidence with my Kickstarter project for a while, I’m feeling better while making flyers for it to put up around social hubs of the Richmond fan area.  It would be such a grand opportunity for me, and I’m really excited about the possibilities.  In the mean time though, I’ll continue to create out of pocket, with whatever I can find.

I don’t think people realize that fabric is a very testy material to work with.  It needs to be learned, babied, fed, loved.  Ok maybe not fed.  At any rate, I’m definitely beginning to hone my craft.  It was awesome to be able to come home from the studio at 5pm and feel completely accomplished and happy with what I made.  I’m sure it’ll be right back to 2am once classes start up again.

I will close this entry with the best head of hair this side of anything.

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Some sketches for the collection I want to show next summer.  Help me out here!

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